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In 1992, ROSSLYN’s founder Anna De Petit, established a biotechnology research studio – France Beauvoir (Int’l) Biotechnology Limited, in Beauvoir-sur-Mer, a coastal town in southern France. The Beauvoir team was obsessed with the magical effect of botanical extracts and mineral essence. By combining these with the traditional French aromatherapy formula, they have developed high-quality personal care products. These wonderful Rosslyn products are fully enjoyed by the French aristocrats and consumers with great enthusiasm.

The Beauvoir company continues to make technological innovations, making every effort to make developments on the latest personal care products. ROSSLYN was created in response to the need of business travellers from around the world. As a French brand for personal care products, ROSSLYN has products primarily designed for body care and physiotherapy.

Since 2013, the company has expanded their product lines to the hotels, including more than 20 lines under the hotel amenities range. ROSSLYN is proud of their excellent product quality and social responsibility.

Polar Series

Milky Series

Lavende Series

Bodycare Series

Floral Series

Tea Tree Series

Thann Memory Series

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