Olive Series

ROOM PLUS Olive series, one of our best sellers, contain extract from Olive leaves with its incredible skin-beautifying power. It can completely clean and lastingly moisturize your skin. Their fine foam will clean your skin gently and are quickly absorbed by it, thus moisturizing your skin, maintaining long-lasting and stable balance of water and oil in the skin, making your skin feel fresh and natural. Its bottle and tube design are simple and classy, captivating the guests attention and heart.

Item Content Vol.
Shampoo 35ml/45ml
Shower Gel 35ml/45ml
Hair Conditioner 35ml/45ml
Body Lotion 35ml/45ml
Soap 30g

Our Olive Plant Essence series also come in larger volume Dispensers. These include the 300ml and 500ml Pump Dispenser, as well as the 380ml Squeeze Dispenser. Refills are available in 3.8L bottles

Item Content Vol.
Shampoo 300ml/500ml/3.8L
Shower Gel 300ml/500ml/3.8L
Hair Conditioner 300ml/500ml/3.8L
Body Lotion 300ml/500ml/3.8L
Hair & Body Wash 380ml (Squeeze Dispenser)