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ROOM PLUS PERSONAL CARE UK LIMITED was established in January 2014. Starting from London England, it advocates to the world travellers: More pleasant journey!

The same brand name ROOM PLUS founded on July 07, 2015, is a simple design collection of hotel room bath products that reflect the objectives of ROOM PLUS PERSONAL CARE UK LIMITED, devoted to providing the business travellers with the best toiletries, and pleasant surprise in a journey!

ROOM PLUS product formula is derived from the United Kingdom, with a complete and scientific quality management system.

The company is based on the principle of key customer satisfactions which is:

“Product quality, specialized knowledge and after-sales service”

Orange Blossom Serum

Olive Series

Starfish Series

Chamomile Series

Green Tea Essence

Eucalyptus & Clary Sage Essential Oil 

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