PRIMAGEL PLUS Hand Sanitizer 50ml (Buy 10 Free 2)

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  • Specifically against Coronavirus & SARS. Kills 99.9% Germs!
  • Surgical grade premium hand disinfectant / sanitizer.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Medical surgical device product
  • 6 certifications (for for Bactericidal action, Fungicide action, Tuberculocidal, Virucidal, Hygienic Handrub Approval, Surgical Hand Disinfection in the operating room)
  • Alcohol content 65%, specifically against HIV, SARS and Coronavirus

Product Description

Primagel Plus is a transparent dermatologically tested disinfectant gel. It’s a medical surgical device product for an immediate hands hygiene; its bactericidal action ensures a safe disinfection against virus and bacteria that can easily be transmitted through contact with people and objects of all kind.
Its efficacy has long since been confirmed by numerous certifications obtained.
Bactericidal action EN 13727:2012 + A2:2015 test in suspension 30 sec.
Fungicide action EN 13624:2013 test in suspension 60 sec
Tuberculocidal EN 14348:2005 test in suspension 30 sec
Virucidal EN 14476:3013 + A1:2015 test in suspension 120 sec
HYGIENIC HANDRUB Approval EN 500:2013 dosage 2 applications of 3ml for 30 sec. each.
Surgical Hand Disinfection EN 12791:2016 + A1:2017 dosage 2 applications of 3ml for 90sec.
The new EN-12791 SURGICAL HAND DISINFECTION approval obtained by Primagel Plus, makes this product suitable for use in the
operating room as required by World Health Organization guidelines. It quickly dries, leaving the hands fresh and soft, with no oily or sticky feeling.
Wherever you are and whatever the situation, hands can be safely disinfected in just few seconds. Stability tests ensure that, after 36 months, no appreciable changes are detected in the product compared to standard physical and chemical properties.
Manufactured by Allegrini Italy
Distributed by My Eastern Resources Sdn Bhd