Guest Amenities

In many ways, the bathroom amenities give away insights on the level of details and care you have put in the room, the attention you place in aesthetics and how much you care about hygiene. The thoughts and innovation you put in your bathroom amenities can easily make the difference between a good hotel experience and a great one.



Body Wash & Care
Grooming & Toiletries

Shower Gel

Dental kit – Toothbrush + toothpaste


Shaver kit – Shaver / Razor + Shaving cream

Hair Conditioner

Vanity kit – Cotton pad, Cotton bud, Cotton ball, Emery board

Hair & Body Wash

Sewing kit – Threads, Needle, Button, Safety pin

Body Lotion


Bath Salt

Shower cap


Sanitary bag

Shoe mitt / Shoe Sponge

Laundry bag