Since 2006, we enjoyed the pleasure of presenting our customers with the finest fabric and abundant designs for hospitality & banquet linen, and extend our solution to room amenities. Our products are supplied over 8 countries and broadcast in over 200 hotels, resorts, hospitals and hostels around the world, through distributors, agents and direct supply.


Quality is one of the features that make us stand out. From the arrival of the raw materials in our workshop, through all the production process and up to the delivery of the finished product to the client, we produce, control and supervise each and every step in the production chain.


Our team’s great ability to work, think, innovate, propose and perform together is one of our strengths.


A complex structure and a great involvement of human resources and materials is required in order to service the needs that the client has conveyed to us and to reach the deadline. MyER possesses a strong and professional team who capable to service all clientele at the best possible state.


MyER provide outsourcing products and services, specially for customers  who looking for products from China. Our Shanghai and Guangzhou quality control team perform strict QC before shipment, to ensure all goods according to order.